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Robot Show

RoboPlay – Robot Show Competition

A RoboPlay Robot Show shall present a story using robots in a movie style.

Early registration deadline: March 30, 2012
Final registration deadline: April 15, 2012
Video submission deadline: May 3, 2012
Date for Robot Challenge Competition & Awards Ceremony: UCD C-STEM Day May 5, 2012

More information can be found in the Call For Participation.

2012 Winners

1st Place
Bridgeway Bees
Advisor: Megan Schoellhamer
2nd Place
Advisor: Francesca DeFazio
3rd Place
River City High School
Advisor: Dubarrie Fagout

All video submissions for the 2012 Competition can be seen on the Videos Page.


  • All team members must be students in K-12 schools
  • Each team must use Mobot, a reconfigurable modular robot available from Barobo, Inc., for the competition
  • There is no limit on the number of Mobots
  • Each show must be within 2 – 8 minutes long
  • Each team must submit a software copy of their well-documented C++ code for controlling robots with a standard heading that includes:
    1. Name of each student participant
    2. Name of the school in which the students are currently enrolled
    3. Name of teacher advisers
    4. Category (RoboPlay Robot Show Competition)
  • All elements of the robot show must be produced originally by the students
  • Any movement of the Mobots must be autonomous and controlled by an original C++ program
  • Backgrounds, sets, and costumes are recommended, but not required
  • Scores will be computed based upon:
    1. Creativity
    2. Robot coordination
    3. Robot choreography
    4. Creativity of the narrative
    5. Artistic appeal (props, backgrounds, scene, etc…)
    6. Sound effects
  • Video submission must be provided in one of the following formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV
  • Video submission must be less than 400MB in size


Registration is available for all four C-STEM Competitions: REGISTER HERE.

  • Each team can have as many members from one school as necessary
  • Teams must register before the deadline
  • The registration fee is $10 for each video submission before the early registration deadline, $15 for late registration before the video submission deadline
  • Make all checks out to “The Regents of the University of California”
  • All checks must be received by the final registration deadline
  • Up to three student representatives will receive the trophy for the club
  • All team members will receive certificates of participation
  • T-Shirts and Lunch Tickets for Tercero Dining Commons may be purchased separately