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RoboPlay Video

More videos for 2014 RoboPlay Video Competition

The goal of the RoboPlay Competitions is to broaden student participation in computing, science, technology, engineering, and math (C-STEM) education with positive youth development for all students. The teamwork involved in the RoboPlay Competitions will engage all students, including those who are inclined to pursue careers in the arts or humanities.

The RoboPlay Video Competition is designed for K-14 students to play with robots while having fun and exploring their creativity in writing, storytelling, art, music, choreography, design, and film making and at the same time seamlessly learning C-STEM subjects. The necessary robot coordination to match the movement of multiple modules to music requires not only teamwork in designing a well-organized visual performance, but also the math and programming skills to produce the desired actions. The competitions enable students with different interests to explore the basic concepts of C-STEM in conjunction with their artistic and music talents.

Registration Deadline: April 18, 2014
Video Submission Deadline: May 16, 2014
Date for Challenge Competition & Awards Ceremony: C-STEM Day, May 31, 2014

For registration information, click here.

RoboPlay Video Competition Relevant Documents

Software for Making Your RoboPlay Video

The RoboPlay Videos can be made using many different pieces of software. Windows Movie Maker and Audacity are two simple programs to edit video and audio on windows computers.

Windows Movie Maker
Download Movie Maker
Movie Maker Tutorial

  • Import and edit slide shows and videos – Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine tune your movie just the way you want it. You can move things around, speed it up or slow it down—it’s up to you.
  • Edit the soundtrack and add a theme – Enhance your movie with audio and a theme. Movie Maker adds transitions and effects automatically so your movie looks polished and professional.

Audacity Homepage
Audacity is a free, easy-to-use and multilingual audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to:

  • Record live audio.
  • Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs.
  • Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files.
  • Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together.
  • Change the speed or pitch of a recording.

Please use youtube to show off RoboPlay Video submissions. Please use this link on how to create a Youtube Account.