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2015 C-STEM Day



The 2015 C-STEM Day will be on Saturday, May 30, 2015


  1. UC Davis ARC Pavilion, CA (RoboPlay Challenge Competition, RoboPlay Video Competition, and Math Programming Competition),   UC Davis Map and  UC Davis Program
  2. Orange County, CA (Orange County Department of Education, 200 Kalmus Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 9262) (RoboPlay Challenge Competition and RoboPlay Video Competition), Orange County Program

Middle school division and high school division (including two-year community college) are available for all C-STEM locations.

There are two categories for RoboPlay Competitions: RoboPlay Video and RoboPlay Challenge. The RoboPlay Video Competition is completed within the classroom and submitted online. The RoboPlay Challenge Competition is held on the C-STEM Day at respective locations. The Math Programming Competition is held on the C-STEM Day on campus in a computer lab in 2121A Bainer Hall (UC Davis MAP).

Awards will be given for winners of their respective C-STEM Day Locations as well as for overall statewide winners.

Flier Requesting for Participation.

Registration Dates and Fees

All C-STEM Day Competitions (including RoboPlay Challenge Competition, RoboPlay Video Competition, and Math Programming Competition

Registration: (For all C-STEM events, you must first register for the website before you can register for the event.  Then login and go  the “C-STEM Day Registration” tab on the Registered Users Subsite.)

  • Registration open: March 1, 2015
  • Final registration deadline: April 17, 2015
  • Final deadline for receipt of  registration fees: May 1, 2015
    • RoboPlay Challenge Competition:  $130 / $200 per team
    • RoboPlay Video Competition:   $20 per team
    • Math Programming Competition:  $60 per team
  • Final deadline for submitting media release form: May 15, 2015

Competition Specific Dates

RoboPlay Video Competition

RoboPlay Challenge Competition

Math Programming Competition

Challenge Competition Real-Time Scoreboard

Competition Resources for Students and Teachers


C-STEM Awards

C-STEM Award of Achievement, Award of Excellence, Girl’s Leadership Award, and C-STEM Scholarship

  • Nomination and Application open: March 1, 2015
  • Application deadline: May 1, 2015

NEW! Teachers may nominate their students for these awards through our website!  This feature automatically sends the student you nominate an email notification with a link to the application and with the attached Teacher Recommendation Form.  Please log into our registered users subsite and visit the “C-STEM Student Award Nomination” page to nominate a student.   Please note: This nomination form is a tool to motivate your students to apply;  It is not a substitute for a student application.


I would like to volunteer for C-STEM Day 2015


C-STEM Day Volunteer Staff


  • Chief Video Judge – Roger Natkemper
  • Chief Challenge Judge – Rex Schrader, HP Engineer
  • UC Irvine
    • Head Judge – Chris Harrington
    • Assistant Head Judge – TBD
  • UC Davis
    • Head Judge – TBD
    • Assistant Head Judge TBD

For information on how to get involved, please see our Volunteers page.

Schedule of Events

A preliminary schedule of events for C-STEM Day is posted below including both the Math Programming Competition and RoboPlay Challenge Competition. Details are subject to change.  The C-STEM Day events are open to public. Students and teachers who want to come to observe the C-STEM Day activities are welcome to do so free of charge.

Time Event
7:30am-8:30am Registration and Setup for RoboPlay Challenge Competition
7:30am-8:30am Registration for Math Programming Competition
8:30am-8:40am Welcome and Introduction
8:40am-9:00am RoboPlay Challenge Competition Introduction
9:00am-12:00pm RoboPlay Challenge Competition Problem Solving
8:50am-11:40pm Math Programming Competition
12:00pm-12:45pm Lunch Break
12:45pm-3:45pm RoboPlay Challenge Competition
3:45pm-4:00pm Break
4:00pm-5:00pm Awards Ceremony:

  • C-STEM Awards of Achievement
  • C-STEM Girl’s Leadership Award
  • C-STEM Awards of Excellence
  • C-STEM Scholarship for graduating students
  • UC Davis  Math Programming Competition Winners
  • RoboPlay Video Competition Winners
  • RoboPlay Challenge Competition Winners

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For general inquiries, please contact:

Heidi Espindola, Program Manager
UC Davis Center for Integrated Computing and STEM Education
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 752-9082
Email: cday@c-stem.ucdavis.edu