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Statewide RoboPlay Video Competition Winners

Statewide RoboPlay Video Competition Winners

Winners of the Statewide RoboPlay Video Competition for Senior Division

Best StorySchool: Irvine Valley College
Video Title: Goldibot and the Three Bears
Best Custom PartSchool: Franklin High
Video Title: Linkbot Arduino Carousel
Most Interesting TaskSchool: Irvine Valley College
Video Title: Legend of Lokebot
Best Choreography

School: Northwood High
Video Title: RoBeyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
Best Computational Thinking

School: Franklin High
Video Title: RoboCrab VS OmniBot
Best Overall Video

School: Irvine Valley College
Video Title: Legend of Lokebo

Best Choreography

School: Foothill
Video Title: “Centuries”


Winners of the Statewide RoboPlay Video Competition for Junior Division

Best Story

School: California Middle
Video Title: Skippy’s Sacrifice
Best ChoreographySchool: Charles W. Twinkle Middle
Video Title: Robo Play 2015 – Dancing with the Bots
Most Interesting Task
Video Title:
Best Custom PartSchool: California Middle
Video Title: Jeffery the Mad Scientist
Best Computational ThinkingSchool: Riverbank Elementary
Video Title: Our Changing World
Best Overall VideoSchool: California Middle
Video Title: Skippy’s Sacrifice