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Programming with Ch

Ch: The Simplest Possible Computing in C/C++

from SoftIntegration

Download the textbook: Learning Computer Programming with Ch for the Absolute Beginner

  •  A C/C++ interpreter with interactive capabilities
  • Easy to master by instructors and students
  • Ideal for classroom use, making beginners’ learning experiences more enjoyable and fostering students’ interest in STEM disciplines
  • Aids learning the most widely used programming language, C/C++, in both industry and colleges and prepares students to be career and college ready
  • Can be used for controlling robotics and learning programming and STEM subjects
  •  Supports easy graphical plotting and quick animation capabilities
  • Has a user-friendly development environment (ChIDE) with syntax highlighting and debugging capabilities
  • Supports most C++ features for object-based programming
  • Runs in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Raspberry Pi
  • The textbook in PDF file “Learning Computing Programming with Ch for the Absolute Beginner” is included in the C-STEM Studio and freely available.


All these different robots of Linkbot, NXT, and EV3 can be controlled simultaneously by a single Ch program.