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RoboBlocky is a block-based computing environment for learning coding, robotics, Arduino, and math. In addition to nearly 500 ready-to-go coding and robotics activities, teachers and students can create their own activities. It also allows teachers to manage their classes, add student accounts, assign homework, grade student submitted homework, and provide feedback.

Based on Google Blockly,  it uses a simple puzzle-piece interface to program  both hardware and virtual Linkbot and Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3  for beginners to learn robotics, computing, science, technology, engineering, and math (C-STEM). Blocks can be executed in debug mode step-by-step. RoboBlockly can also direct control Arduino board.

The RoboBlocky supplementary curriculum includes  student self-guided Coding, Robotics, and Math Coding Activities, and theme-based Projects. The  teacher can also lead 1st to 9th grade specific  Common Core State Standards -Mathematics compliant activities . The related Teacher’s Notes and  comprehensive Teacher Resource Packets in PDF files for all these activities along with video lessons  help teachers integrate the RoboBlocky curriculum into their teaching.

Teachers can easily share their ideas and creations with the growing RoboBlocky user community through Roboblocky Activity Portal.

Constructing programs with blocks also generates C++ code that can be readily launched and run in Ch without any modification to control hardware Linkbot and Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3, or virtual Linkbot and NXT/EV3 in RoboSim. Users can easily share the saved RoboBlocky code for collaboration and learning. Users can also create and share their Board with different background for obstacle courses.

RoboBlocky can be used with any modern web browser on any computing devices including laptops, tablets, iPads, and smartphones, and is available in multiple languages.

RoboBlocky may be accessed free of charge.  The full curriculum is available for instructors with licenses and their students. At the peak, more than 10,000 students a day use the web site for RoboBlocky to learn math and computing with robotics.

Read this story how a teacher use RoboBlocky with robots to teach students coding.

A sample video lesson on controlling multiple virtual Linkbot and Lego Mindstorms in  RoboBlocky and hardware robots in Ch.

A sample video lesson  on artistic drawing in RoboBlocky and generated Ch code.

 Watch a video tutorial on how to use RoboBlocky