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1-Day Distance Learning Workshop

Due to social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, C-STEM Professional Development will be conducted remotely.

Distance Learning Workshop on Learning Math, CS, STEAM with Coding and Virtual Robot

This workshop is designed for K-12 teachers to learn how to teach math, CS, and STEAM with coding and virtual/hardware robotics online with the rigorous C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum and online RoboBlockly Prime Curriculum for distance learning. This workshop will guide teachers through supporting their students as they are learning math, art, music, and science by demonstrating concepts and ideas through coding and robotics examples. After attending this workshop, teachers and their students will be able to access to RoboBlockly Prime Curriculum for teaching and learning for the 2021-2022 school year.



This workshop is open to any K-12 teachers. No prior coding and robotics experience is necessary!

Due to COVID-19, this workshop will take place over two 2-hour online sessions, typically from 3:30-5:30 pm.

Attendees will  learn:

  • Learn how to use RoboBlockly, an online block-based coding and robotics environment, for distance learning coding, robotics, art, and math.
  • Teaching pedagogy and strategies for integrating coding and robotics into math, science and engineering curriculum.
  • How to reinforce mathematical concepts with practical applications via hands-on computing and robotics activities.
  • How to develop students’ logical reasoning and critical thinking skills through tangible coding and robotics exercises.
  • Interactive methods for supporting students learning art and music through step-by-step algorithmic practice.
  • Explore various math and CS curriculum in RoboBlockly Prime Curriculum and its usage in distance learning
  • Create your classes in RoboBlockly Classroom Management System for enrolling students, creating homework, grading homework, etc.
  • Share homework assignment, and classes with others.
  • Introduction to C-STEM Math-ICT Curriculum.
  • Introduction to control hardware Linkbot.
  • Introduction to physical computing using Arduino.


In order to participate in this workshop, participants must have a Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, or smartphone during this training to run programs online in RoboBlockly.

Optional Hardware Robot and Arduino Kit

To use hardware Linkbot robot or Arduino for distance learning, participants may purchase the following equipment. But, hardware is not required for attending this workshop and subsequent teaching.

  • To use hardware, you need to use a Windows, Mac, or Chromebook computer.
  • To use the hardware, you need to download and install the latest software here:
    • Windows and Mac: download and install the latest Linkbot Labs including C-STEM Studio.
    • Chromebook: download and install the latest Linkbot IDE and Linkbot Firmware Updater
  • You need to download and install  prior to the start of training.

You must have administrative privileges on the laptop to install software.



  • Cost: $200 / teacher. Check our Professional Development schedule and register soon to reserve your spot.
  • Registration covers instruction.
  • Participants will have full access to the online RoboBlockly Prime Curriculum with over 6,000 built-in activities for 2021-2022 school year.
  • Participants can create their own lessons and activities,  share them with other teachers in collaboration, and manage their classes, add student accounts, assign homework, grade student submitted homework, release solutions to students, and provide feedback to students,  assess student distance learning, statistical analysis for each homework and class via the RoboBlockly online portal for 2021-2022 school year.
  • Participants’ students also have full access to the Prime Curriculum, sign-in to complete activities,  curriculum activities, user input, new programs, and create their own lessons and activities for 2021-2022 school year.

Testimonials from Participants of C-STEM PD

I like how I can use the curriculum to integrate coding and hands on math to bring math alive for the students…Fun, exciting, and lots of opportunities for kids to learn from their mistakes.

Catherine Ouellette, Kindergarten Teacher
Hacienda La Puente USD

The C-STEM program was imperative for my student’s learning while they were away from their LAUSD campus. With COVID-19, distance learning is challenging but the C-STEM program allowed my students to show mastery of complex interdisciplinary robotics and mathematic concepts.

Jeff Hescox, Math & CTE Teacher
Communication and Technology School, LAUSD

OMG! WHAT DIDN’T I LEARN? I LOVED IT! SO EXCITING! I am so glad to have 2 computers on hand to follow along. The facilitators went nice and slow for me to follow on the computer and take notes. I liked the fact you explained curriculum, k-2, color for teacher, no color for HW, interactive, new problem, and how you demonstrated k and its relation to CCSS. The training went very well. Thank you!

Rocio Ramirez, Elementary Teacher
Apperson Elementary, LAUSD

I’ve been to A LOT of PD’s. This is one of the best PD’s I’ve had in A LONG time!  Robotics activities are really enjoyable! Love how the math is connected with coding. The kids will have A BLAST using this program and enjoy learning again! Thank you!!!!   

Janice Fojas, 4th Grade Teacher, Baldwin Elementary
Hacienda La Puente USD

I really enjoyed the PD. It has been a long time since I have been
this engaged in a PD. I have been communicating with my principal
constantly and telling her how all teachers would benefit from this

Charles Tran, Macy Intermediate
Montebello USD

If you are interested in an on-site training tailored for your school and district, please contact us.